The Parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke (8)

The Parables of Jesus
in the Gospel of Luke (8)
Luke 18:1-8


What is something you do persistently? And why do you do it? What are some lessons you have learned from persistence?


Focus: We need persistent faith for our persistent prayer. God often seems to be “unrighteous” at the moment because of His mercy in the present age; in actuality God is righteous and His righteous judgment against our adversary (the devil) is coming in the future, but we must persistently pray for this to be carried out.

I. Read Luke 18:1-8 twice. See if you can retell the story in your own words without looking at the verses. 

A. Who do the three persons in this parable represent? How is this parable applicable to us  today?
1. Judge – hint: see v. Luke 18:7, Isaiah 33:22
2. Widow – hint: see 2 Cor. 11:2
3. Opponent – hint: see Rev. 12:10 

B. Read the following excerpt.

II. In this parable, God is likened to an “unrighteous” judge. Sometimes it seems that our God is not righteous, for He allows His children to be unrighteously persecuted. In situations like this, we need to vindicate God:

A. What does it mean to “vindicate” someone? How can we vindicate God?

B. Read the following excerpt.

III. Memorize Luke 18:7 and recite it to one another:
And will not God by all means carry out the avenging of His chosen ones, who cry to Him day and night, though He is long-suffering over them?


A. Share with one another a person in your heart that you would like to pray for. Pray for one another. 

B. Does this parable remind you of a parable we covered previously? (Luke 11:5-8) In what way? 

C. How can we practically, persistently pray? What does this look like?
– See the following verses: Acts 1:14 (in one accord), Ephesians 6:18 (in  spirit) , Col. 4:2 (watching [alert, not negligent]), 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (v. 16-20)