Jesus, the I Am


Week 0: Jesus is the I AM — For Jesus to be the “I am” means that He is all-inclusive and is everything we need!

Week 1: The Light of the World — The Lord Jesus came as the light of the world to shine on our darkened, sinful condition, leading us to confession so that we may have fellowship with God and other believers.

Week 2: The Good Shepherd — Jesus is our wonderful Shepherd, taking care of us, His sheep, in so many different ways!

Week 3: The Bread of Life — Jesus is the bread of life and those who eat Him will live through Him and by Him.

Week 4: The Life — Jesus Christ came to the earth with the goal that He could come into us and be our very life.

Week 5: The Vine — Christ came to be the vine so that we, the branches, would have a continual, intimate, and dependent relationship with Him.

Week 6: The Truth — Truth is a Person, Christ, who is the reality of all positive things in the universe!

Week 7: The Resurrection — The Lord Jesus is the resurrection and the life. He doesn’t want us to just merely improve or correct ourselves, but to know Him and the power of His resurrection.

Week 8: The Way — The Lord Jesus is the unique way to come to God the Father.


  1. Consider how you will continue to pursue the Lord and grow in your faith over the winter break. Do you have someone who can help you to achieve your spiritual goals while you’re away from school?
  2. Pray for one another: for each other’s studying, finals, traveling, time with family, and connection to the Lord and other believers over the coming month!